Tree of Peace Unity Walk

Great White Roots of Peace

Women's Historial Declaration

We, Women of all nations and origins living upon Turtle Island in the territory today known as Quebec, declare the following:

We commit to respecting the Great Law of Peace and the Two Row Wampum introduced by the Original Haudenosaunee Peoples of the Iroquois Confederacy of Five Nations on Turtle Island. This Law and this Treaty are the official framework of governance of this land, to which all the peoples on Turtle Island are legally and morally bound since the arrival of colonizing forces to this land.

The Great Law of Peace is rooted in the natural feminine wisdom of Creation transmitted from generation to generation through matrilineal authority, providing balance in complete synchronism with the Laws of Nature. The Two Row Wampum is its vehicle. It symbolizes the accomplishment of peace in the unification of peoples with mutual respect, openness and harmony, exemplifying the constantly evolving Law as a living, breathing

extension of humanity.

This Law and this Treaty have never been respected by the political regimes established under the British Crown. Such non-compliance is undeniably one of the root causes of corruption that pervades today’s society. All past and present destructive actions upon the environment are illegal and go against these unalterable core ancestral agreements. All interferences upon the said Original Peoples, including the elective system of band councils and all the structures imposed by such councils, are also illegal.

To restore our integrity, we demand that the British Crown and all the other nations of the world that came to Turtle Island to illegally impose their political regimes cease at once all major damage inflicted upon our Mother Earth. We demand reparation for the devastation of Nature’s life forces, called resources, caused by their over-exploitation and for all interferences with the Original Peoples and their ancestral


We declare ourselves to be the allied sisters of the Original Peoples and officially reject any kind of grip over them. We demand the immediate recognition of their title as Guardians of the Earth.

We commit to honouring the responsibilities that fall upon us all as official legal signatories of the Two Row Wampum Peace Treaty. We denounce the violation of this Treaty leading to unhealthy human relationships.

We commit to re-establishing the sole legal decision-making process to exist under the Great Law of Peace and represent the true voice of the people exercised in the form of traditional councils. Since each voice is respected and honoured and every decision is made through consensus based on the Original Peoples’ ancestral guidance, this process allows the immediate application of solutions resulting from such councils.

We refuse any form of genetic and chemical manipulation in the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors. We demand the end of detrimental strategies imposed upon the population and any living being to the detriment of the Laws of Nature.

We refuse any form of manipulation in the education, information and military sectors. We demand that any and all dishonesty cease. The hypersexualization of our children, the conditioning, subjugation and impoverishment of the population, globalization, and any other form of alienation are entirely unacceptable.

We condemn all present and future colonization operations, including those that corporations plan to conduct on the Moon and in space. We demand the full mobilization of such efforts and resources to the restoration and protection of our Mother Earth in critical health condition. We dissociate from any schemes generating war, an immoral and cruel act, and demand that all these efforts be entirely dedicated to the restoration of peace worldwide.

We declare that we choose peace and refuse war, that we choose integrity and refuse corruption, and that we choose love and refuse hatred. We declare ourselves to be life-givers as identified by the Original Peoples of Turtle Island and refuse to be life-takers.

We assert our personal and collective freedom and refuse any and all religious influences.

We, Women of all nations and origins living upon Turtle Island in the territory today known as Quebec, invite all the peoples across the world to join us. We affirm that the survival of humanity is at stake and that the entire world should endorse this declaration to establish stability, balance and peace.

Exclusive allegiance to the Great Law of Peace and the Two Row Wampum and alliance with the Original

Peoples represent the most beautiful gifts that we can offer to future generations and all forms of life on Earth.

* * *

Written in collaboration with the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) Traditional Council

Marie-Claude Lacroix – Two Row Wampum Liaison for the Kanienkehaka Traditional Council