Tree of Peace Unity Walk

Great White Roots of Peace

Standing Behind Our Women

I Jesse-Blue - Walking Thunder stand behind our women, agree and endorse this plea from our women who are Sacred, for they are our Life-Givers and the Mothers of the Nations. It is time that we men defend the matrilineal authority back into Creation, to pledge to defend, and protect our women and children. Willing to lay down our lives for them, if must be. That is what a true Warrior is!

Please read below the plea from our women of Turtle Island - and create your own pledge and endorsement.

Ogiimaakwe For Women 

"This is my solemn plea to our brothers: please become vocal and stand behind the women as we walk out into a world that was designed to dis-empower and destroy us.

We need you my brothers. We need that support now more than ever. Be a model of this outspoken advocacy and watch how it changes everything around you.

Every time a man gets up in front of a crowd and says, "It is time for us to respect women as sacred beings, to honor their choices, to stop those who hurt her, to honor her as a leader of the people, to see her as a loving mother and not as game to hunt, to resist measuring our worth based on how many women we have touched, to measure our worth based on how deeply we can respect her needs, I feel the whole world shudder and release a sigh of relief that right relations have been restored among man and woman. It is powerful!

The woman is the foundation of all creation. When we disrespect her and tear her down, we damage all life on earth. Conversely, if we nurture and protect and honor her, we rebuild the whole world.

In the name of our beautiful grandmothers and grandfathers who knew this truth and lived it!"

~ Lyla June Johnston