Tree of Peace Unity Walk

Great White Roots of Peace

Click the blue button below to download a copy of the Ontario petition. Please print it out and collect signatures and mail to the address shown at the bottom of the petition. 

Example Petition

To The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas: The vision of the Tree of Peace Unity Walk is to bring Canadian First Nations Peoples and non-native peoples of all walks of life together to walk hand-in-hand for the healing of our past, and move forward.

Whereas: 44 Trees of Peace will be planted in communities across Canada during the Tree of Peace Unity Walk, with the call for each provincial parliament to have a Tree of Peace planted on parliament grounds.

Whereas: A plaque commemorating the Tree of Peace Unity Walk, founded by Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest (Walking Thunder) will accompany each Tree of Peace.

Whereas: The Tree of Peace Unity Walk calls for the planting of a National Tree of Peace on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, at the conclusion of the walk.

Therefore: We the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly as follows: That a Tree of Peace be planted on the parliament grounds at Queen’s Park with a commemorating plaque.

Please return (do not fax) the original signed petitions (no copies) to:

Tree of Peace Unity Walk · P.O. Box 90055 – Parkdale · Toronto, ON M6K 3K3 · 647-215-0702